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    12 matches comment I need a freeware, free license, freely used, free, no cost version of these Roman Capitals with the geometric construction circles and outlines. Does anyone know where I can find a free version of this? Thanks!
    2 matches comment If anyone has Slimbach std. bold italic, could you print out Pom Rescue.com and email it to me in adobe Illustrator? Thanks, Mary signbiz@bellsouth.net
    11 matches comment Hello...I'm looking for a free font similar to Algerian. I especially like the shape of the "A". I would like it to not have the second shadow line. Thanks.. ~Joanne F.
    11 matches comment uploaded image Hi, I'd like to share these free Chinese fonts. They are really cool. http://www.clearchinese.com/resources/fonts.htm Bye :-)
    11 matches comment I really like this font, it's got all of the nice features of Myriad, but a little softer (notice the slopes). And it's a nice weight, slightly lighter than a Myriad Black. I tried Identifont, but it came up with ITC Legacy, which is definitely not it :-). Thank you in advance!
    1 matches comment uploaded image Get them here: http://www.fonts.com/font/monotype-imaging/soho/selection-pack Fonts.com Flash Sale: Today, for 12 hours only, Fonts.com is offering four fonts from the best selling Soho family for over 80% off. Designed by Sebastian Lester, this modern slab serif design offers versatility for corporate identity, product branding, text or display use. These OpenType Pro selections feature stylistic sets, including a wide variety of alternate characters, as well as ligatures and small caps. Normally $234, on January 15th from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (EST) be one of the first 500 customers to purchase and you’ll receive the light, medium, bold, and heavy weights of the Soho family at the special price of only $39. That’s four best selling fonts for over 80% off the regular price – buy now before this limited time offer expires or sells out! Discount applied at checkout.
    9 matches comment I had this font free before. Now after installing windows it just disappeared........................... I've tried looking for it and you get so many sites that say the font s free and when you click download it directs you to a non free font site where it's costs 80 pounds somebody helllllp.
    11 matches comment You can not and should not. Helvetica Neue is a commercial font.
    9 matches comment Can someone help with Impact URW D Bold font? I am wonder if someone can upload it (.TTT for windows)

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    SoHo Nights BF Regular
    Soho Compressed Pack
    SoHo Nights BF
    Free Zone Bold
    Soho Gothic Selection
    Free Will Normal
    Free Will Thin
    Free Money
    Novel Std Bold
    Novel Std SC Bold
    Soho Selection Pack
    Free Dee
    Two Beers Free
    Novel Std Bold Italic
    Novel Std OSF Bold
    Novel Std SC Bold Italic
    Free Zone Medium
    Free Zone Regular
    Codename Coder Free 4F Bold
    AG Book Std Bold
    Allumi Std Bold
    Ambroise Std Bold
    Arventa Std Bold
    Bulldog Std Bold
    Chevin Std Bold
    Costa Std Bold
    Evo Std Bold
    Kropotkin Std 30 Bold
    Marat Std Bold
    Oksana Std Bold
    Parisine Plus Std Bold
    Secca Std Bold
    Novel Std OSF Bold Italic
    Lintel Bold
    AG Book Std Bold Italic
    AG Book Std Cond Bold
    AG Book Std Ext Bold
    Allumi Std Bold Italic
    Allumi Std Extended Bold
    Allumi Std Extra Bold
    Arventa Std Bold Italic
    Bulldog Std Bold Italic
    Bulldog Std Extra Bold
    Chevin Std Bold Italic
    Chevin Std Demi Bold
    Chevin Std Extra Bold
    Costa Std Extra Bold
    Evo Std Bold Italic
    Kropotkin Std 31 Condensed Bold
    Kropotkin Std 32 Expanded Bold
    Kropotkin Std 33 Bold Oblique
    Marat Std Bold Italic
    Oksana Std Alt Bold
    Oksana Std Bold Italic
    Oksana Std Demi Bold
    Parisine Plus Std Bold Italic
    Secca Std Demo Bold
    Secca Std Extra Bold
    Secca Std-Bold Italic
    Toshna Std Book Bold
    Lintel Bold Italic
    Caslon224 Std-Bold
    ITCSymbol Std-Bold
    Bodoni Classic Free Style
    AG Book Std Cond Bold Italic
    AG Book Std Ext Bold Italic
    Allumi Std Extended Extra Bold
    Allumi Std Extra Bold Italic
    Bulldog Std Crazed Bold Tilt
    Bulldog Std Extra Bold Italic
    Bulldog Std Shadow Extra Bold
    Chevin Std Demi Bold Italic
    Chevin Std Extra Bold Italic
    Kropotkin Std 34 Condensed Bold Oblique
    Kropotkin Std 35 Expanded Bold Oblique
    Oksana Std Alt Bold Italic
    Oksana Std Alt Demi Bold
    Oksana Std Demi Bold Italic
    Secca Std Demo-Bold Italic
    Secca Std-Extra Bold Italic
    Akzidenz Grotesk Std Bold
    Ambroise Std Firmin Bold
    Ambroise Std Francois Bold
    Arventa Std Office Bold
    Arventa Std Slab Bold
    Bulldog Hunter Std Bold
    Kabel Condensed Std Bold
    Le Monde Courrier Std Bold
    Le Monde Journal Std Bold
    Le Monde Livre Std Bold
    Oksana Text Std Bold
    Parisine Office Std Bold
    Parisine Plus Std Clair Bold
    Parisine Plus Std Sombre Bold
    Parisine Std Clair Bold
    Parisine Std Sombre Bold
    Phoenica Std Office Bold
    Etgar MF Free
    Berkeley Std-Bold
    Oksana Std Alt Demi Bold Italic

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