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    3 matches comment Just thought I'd let you know it does work in win 98, ME & 2000. As you say ..... "weird" .... thanks for all the trouble you went through for me. It is appreciated. Guess I'd better go and hunt up another font.
    2 matches comment How are you trying to get to it? 1. Click my computer 2. Click on the "Local Harddrive" (usually C:, but can be others too, try them all) 3. Click on WINDOWS folder, or something similar (Win, WinNT, etc) 4. Click on Fonts
    1 matches comment i do not know how to unzip font files i am using win/98
    1 matches comment Just click on "Download WIN" Official Guns N' Roses for $FREE.95
    1 matches comment Oh it was! And they really deserved it. Those who kick the Italian Cattenacio out of the game can win everything!
    1 matches comment Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics... Even if you win you’re still ‘special’
    1 matches comment view details for free font #6259 there seems to be a problem with preview generation on our linux server but other than that it seems to be working on my win xp box. what OS are you using?
    1 matches comment oh man... so many ppl asked that already.. just look through the help pages/posts in this section basically: unzip -> copy into your win/fonts/ directory
    2 matches comment See? I always talk too much. I forgot to say one thing, the only important one. I'm sad for Roberto Donadoni. Exactly because he was one of the players of the striongest team I've ever seen – and probably wil in my whole life – on a pitch. But he couldn't have lost the match to a more illustrious and gifted man: that very Marco Van Basten. Congratulations and may your selection from a tiny country win Euro2008. I can't think of a better winner than the people who made tolerance and personal liberty their flag. Not that souvlaki and taramà were bad, not at all.
    1 matches comment Thanks koeiekat... I think that you are very close to the mark with the VAG Font tip. After looking into the VAG font Family it was discovered that it was originally developed for Volkswagen in 1979. This is around the time that the Powell company started using this modified form. I also think that it may have been a company patented font type, thus why it has been imposable to find out there. This font is only used by Powell Peralta (SkateOne) and is semi famous due to the huge popularity of the Powell Peralta brand name, thus its relationship to skateboarding. Thanks for searching around for the font and I will send the boys and girls an email over at SkateOne. Thanks again. PS. I love getting things for free, but a shiny head I can do without for now. I would be happy to wait a few years (say 20-30) before I need to start applying car polish to the top of my melon. Maybe I should start wearing an ice-cream bucket on my head, whist I do my search. I love ice - so that???s a win win. Cheers for now

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    WilliamLucas? Regular
    Mitigate Regular
    Arbuckle Bright
    Handasi Italic
    Homeland BT Bold
    Hotel Regular
    Professor Regular
    Sabine Regular
    Someri Regular
    Yasmine Family
    Yasmine Italic
    Graffiti Cyrillic Three
    Biondi Semibold
    Controller One Oblique
    Controller Two Oblique
    Fono Expanded
    Cherritt Black
    Cherritt Light
    Arial? Black
    Arial? Light
    Qotho Dark
    Qotho Thin
    Cherrit Family
    Candida? Italic
    Xleef Me Alone Regular
    Futura? Script Regular
    Sheepman Light
    Spud Italic
    Daniel Daniel
    Linotype Constitution? Regular
    Aurelia? Light Italic
    Glamwords Regular
    Karolla Multilingual Volume
    Dublon Multilingual Bold
    Balloon Volume (Mec)
    Pricedown Bold
    Ablati Italic
    DF Ru Lei? Japanese W 5
    DF Ru Lei? Japanese W 7
    URW Sistina? Normal
    Pollock Cyrillic Volume
    Rama Gothic M Bold
    Rama Gothic M Thin
    Alifim Regular
    Alilon Regular
    Avishag Normal
    Coconut Medium
    Gabriela Light
    Gulash Regular
    Hazilim Medium
    Tehelet Medium
    Electrasonic XX Fine
    Dharma Slab M Bold
    Dharma Slab M Thin
    URW Palladio Italic
    URW Palladio Medium
    Radiogram Solid Tall
    P22 Founders Regular
    Mellin Family
    Italic Hand Regular
    Jimi Regular
    Ahmed Outline
    URW Minister Volume
    California Sans Regular
    Neo? Sans Medium Italic
    Lab Sans Bold
    Lab Sans Thin
    Linotype Heureka Glyphs? Regular
    DF Gothic P? Japanese W 2
    DF Gothic P? Japanese W 3
    DF Gothic P? Japanese W 5
    MonoCondensed Multilingual Light Oblique
    Arial? Greek Dual Bold
    Elephantmen Greater & Taller Volume
    Handel Gothic OnlyShadow Bold (D)
    Pakenham Condensed Black Italic
    Gaz Complete Family Pack
    Yummo Complete Family Pack
    P22 Telegdi Set
    URW Janson? Bold Italic
    Fette Gotisch e Maiuskel Italic
    Ulian Complete Family Pack
    Mentor? Sans Black
    Mentor? Sans Light
    Bullet Numbers 8cuts complete
    Garamond 3 SmallCaps & OSF Volume
    KG Heart Doodles Regular
    Dusk til Dawn Regular
    Baskerville LT Cyrillic Inclined
    Concept Sans Condensed Medium
    Wyoming Pasted Set
    Calligri Complete Family Pack
    Calligri Expanded Bold Italic
    Calligri Extra Condensed Bold
    Cisalpin Complete Family Pack
    Tunga Regular
    MS Gothic Regular
    DFHS Gothic? Japanese W 5

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